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Oh boy, havent seen this film in ooohhh well over 15 years, I remember this from my childhood and I remember it was pretty PC, now revisiting it I am genuinely impressed, this is probaly one of the most anti-white, cultural-marxist films from the period, the films themselves (yes they produced a whole series) actually work as comedic films, which makes them all the more dangerous. The basic premise is that a female mayor has removed all the barriers concerning race, height, weight, gender, mental illness, etc from joining the police academy, so we get an assortment of lumpen-proletariat joining the police academy, which include people that are to timid, fat, insane, criminal, black, etc This gets played as a joke, look at how ridiculous they all are, lol, smacks thighs, but then you realise that these brave and heroic cripples, retards and antisocials are being horribly oppresed by meanie luitenant Harris and his sidekicks, who are all naturally healthy white boys. Now I dont know about you, but I keep taking the side of lt. Harris and not the oh so funny outcasts, (when I see him breaking Mahonney I experience joy) the fact that this is cast as a comedy, simply hides its anti-white agenda, its designed to make the idea of a multicultural society without any values, a valid choice. Grade A cultural marxist propaganda, dont have your kids watch it.
Jul 20th 2022
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