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After someone gave this a bum review, I had to give my own. Now I am a sucker for atmosphere, ambient soundtracks, rolling mist, city scapes, I love them and they immediately draw me in and I love it when a film has a little bit of "what does it mean to be human" going on, Bladerunner has both, which hides a lot of boring characters, average story and the dystopian helscape. Where this film goes wrong in my opinion is that it fails to accurately take the source material, D**k's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep at face value. The book is religious in nature and deals with human empathy, the film is more about forgiveness and acceptance. The film also serves as a warning against rampant multiculturalism, the destruction of human nature, corporations, the asiatic horde. Etc Again its strong points make up for the films many flaws.
Jul 17th 2022
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