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First time I saw this film, I expected some half-assed biopic with a lot of good music, boy was I pleasently surprised. Now I am not a big rock 'n roll fan, in my opinion rock music started to come into its own at the end of the 70's when it became weird, dark and artsy, but almost anyone who is clever and artistic will enjoy The Doors. What makes this film almost great in my opinion is the first quarter of the film, we get introduced to the young Jim Morrison, he's cheeky, loves to read, writes poetry and is brimming with ideas. The first few songs being shown, either as a soundtrack or lipsynced live on stage are just wonderful goosebumb material. The entire film is just really well done, you never get the idea that this is being filmed in the 90's, the period is shown organically, without the many stereotypes you often see of the period, the many life shows are wonderful, the actors and events are wonderfully portrayed. Now where the film takes a small dive is in the last 2/3 of the film, which is just Morrison slowly going crazy, everyone is nude, there are drugs everywhere and the music starts to become stale, again, its all well done, but it goes from a frantic poetic homilie, too a sensationalist gossip magazine. Had they focussed more on the saner, poetic episodes of his life, I would have given it a 5. Perhaps the film would be more powerful, if they cut about an half hour from the 2 hour film. Not that I became bored. But still well recommended to anyone who like The Doors.
Jul 16th 2022
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