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Back in the days one of the most famous and lovely dance pairs where the cute Fred Astaire and the gorgeous Ginger Rogers, of the several films they made together that I have seen, this one has perhaps the best screenplay and the story is certainly good and perfectly capable of carrying the really good dance scenes and decent musical numbers. The story is a simple run-of-the-mill romance story, a dancer (Astaire) leaves his home town together with his dad, to make it big in New York and earn enough money to marry his fiancee, meanwhile he makes it big in dancing and falls in love with his dancing partner (Rogers), who is also being wooed by a slimy wog and leader of a dance band. In between we get a number of wonderful dancing numbers, the first one being the most close and intimate is the best, the third one is far grander and features Astaire in black face, we also get several musical numbers, the songs are good, but neither Astaire nor Rogers are really good singers, though they certainly pass.
Jul 15th 2022
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