‘The Gray Man’ Review

Did you know that there’s a $200 million movie from the second- and third-highest-grossing directors of all time starring the sixth-highest-grossing actor of all time in hundreds of theaters right now, as you read this? Or that this movie with huge stars, helmed by renowned directors wielding a giant budget, will be on your TV in seven scant days, as it drops on Netflix next week?

If you’re reading this review you might be, since you’re the sort of person who reads film critics and God bless you for that. But I’d wager, on average, that responses are more likely to be in the negative. All of which is to say that The Gray Man is as interesting to me as a cultural and economic artifact as it is a movie.

As a movie, it’s perfectly acceptable. Ryan Gosling stars as Six, a CIA operative...

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Jul 15th 2022
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