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Though The Rockford Files isnt one of my ultimate favourite shows, I notice this is one a lot of people seem to like and certainly is a good introduction to the cop and detective shows that where so great in the 70's, most people including those in my family and my friends seemed to like the show a lot when I suggested it. The show has two really strong points, the first is highly important, it has just a good and solid cast of characters and in fact, the relationship between the good-looking James Gardner who plays private detective Jim Rockford and his slightly naive father "rocky" played by Noah Beery is just wonderful. You dont see that very often, family relations in such a positive light. The main reason I am given this a 5. Some of the side cast are also wonderful, there is his buddy in the police force Sergeant Becker, who gets flak for helping Rockford, his sexy lawyer Beth who he has a complicated relationship with and my very favourite Angel Eyes Martin, played by Stuart Margolin, now Angel Eyes is basically the most sleasy, cowardly, stereotype of a Jewish conman you will find on tv, he is also adorable at times. The second point why most people will enjoy this show is that its just a solid combination of great car chases, beautiful sunny L.A., dangerous thugs, weird clients with weird problems, light humour, Rockford lives in a trailer and has trouble paying the bills, he often gets beat up and is more often then not the underdog. the show does get repetitive after a while, so dont binge it. But yes, if you are just looking for a good old show to watch, this one I recommend, its a good chance you will enjoy it.
Jul 13th 2022
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