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Weird show to pick-up and give a negative review, I know but read on, on the surface SG-1 is just a generic pulp show from the 90's, something that appeals to boys but not to adults, boring stories, annoying cast of black stoic dude, nerdy guy, funny haha chad and lesbian. Its basic story is that aliens build the pyramids, those aliens are worms that inhabit the human body and they are evil. Where I get seriously annoyed about this show and this might just be me, is that having the show depict the gods and culture of ancient Egypt as essentially "demonic" entities, they later do this with the Norse gods, making them holograms projected by greys. This combined with the ancient aliens trope, seriously ticks me off, Now I am not a practising pagan, but I wonder if somewhere in the writers staff there isn't a secret conspiracy of Jesuits... all humour aside, it would make sense, the ancient gods as demonic entities is very much a Christian belief, I for one find the show to be highly disrespectful and downright hostile to the ancient cultures they portray.
Jul 13th 2022
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