Should You Watch Thor: Love and Thunder?
01:31 "... including uh thor love and thunder ..."
02:29 "... uh thor love and thunder are pretty much ..."
02:57 "... superheroic chris hemsworth version of ..."
05:31 "... christian bale probably best known by ..."
05:45 "... christian bale and whatnot was gore the ..."
06:07 "... christian bale is a fine actor so i kind ..."
06:26 "... well it looks like natalie portman put ..."
06:40 "... it's still chris hemsworth is the lead ..."
08:04 "... center as chris hemsworth or natalie ..."

MCU Phase 4 races on with Thor: Love and Thunder. There are a ton of key components coming into the film. Thor is still with the Guardians of the Galaxy and out of shape, Jane Foster emerging as a new Thor, Gor the God Butcher and Valkyrie is searching for her queen. Wes and Comic writer Joe Corallo discuss Thor: Love and Thunder and who will like the movie. If you're on the fence and undecided, Wes and and help you decide if you should watch Thor: Love and Thunder.

Proper Review
Jul 8th 2022
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