IT'S BAD! Thor Love And Thunder Is Trash | Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers Review MCU News

IT'S BAD! Thor Love And Thunder Is Trash and no I'm KIDDING! This was probably the worst mcu movie that I ever witness and I will break down why in this thor love and thunder spoilers review this is mcu news from your friend Fatal Jay!

This is not mcu news and rumors I have seen thor love and thunder myself and I will tell you guys that thor love and thunder is bad and thor love and thunder is trash you will see now that I was not trying to clickbait you but let you know that this was a bad movie, I do not know what the director and writer was thinking behind this movie. Thor Ragnarok still holds the crown as the best Thor movie!

Thor Love and Thunder Reviews are out and even the critics who love the mcu with all their hearts are even saying this is the least like marvel movie they have...

Proper Review
Jul 8th 2022
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