Marvel Comics New Warriors, The One That Got Away
00:12 "... it's the one that got away i was looking ..."
10:02 "... 2022 was that thing was magnificent it ..."
10:20 "... june of 2022 during pride month oh my ..."
11:45 "... in marvel voices pride 2022 i have a ..."
12:12 "... voices probably 2022 that way it ..."
12:41 "... happened in marvel voices pride 2022 ..."

Marvel Comics announced their New Warriors relaunch from Daniel Kibblesmith 2 years ago. The New Warriors trailer is one of the most downvoted videos in YouTube history. Everyone in pop culture talked about this comic book for weeks. Marvel Comics rarely get that kind of exposure in pop culture, good or bad. But Marvel Comics remain silent about New Warriors since it was delayed due to Covid-19 shutdowns. They haven't cancelled it or announced a new release date. Daniel Kibblesmith hasn't mentioned Snowflake or Safespace in well over a year. Wes talks about a recent article explaining the problems with the announcement and the current status of New Warriors. But in many ways New Warriors is a blueprint for many of Marvel's offerings during Pride month for all the wrong reasons. Marvel Comics New Warriors is truly the one that got away.

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Jul 5th 2022
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