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Game of Thrones no doubt is one of the great pieces of epic tv production, a mostly White cast, in a low-fantasy world, closer to a medieval costume drama or an ancient Roman cloack-and-dagger then some ridiculous high fantasy, lots of real politics, manipulation, war, nudity, cruelty, etc its understandable why most people would like this show. Now what interests me are the last 2 seasons which most people agree are bad, the problem is that most people dont apply a proper analysis, they understand the seasons are bad because they arent based on the books anymore, with incoherent plots, stupid characters, to much fantasy and a lot of wokeness, but they dont understand why you need a book. To put it in very simple terms, even a pulp writer like G.R.R.M who researches medieval history and writes semi-coherent plots, has atleast an IQ of 130, he's a fairly smart dude, it take intelligence to write a coherent world and work out how smart aristocrats would behave in a sensible manner. Where they went wrong was no doubt thinking that the people who where good at turning a book into a tv show, would also be good at writing their own stories, but of course they couldnt, because they simply wherent as smart and educated as the fat guy. What the show should have done for the last two seasons is hire a real writer, someone with experience and have him guide the production. Sadly they did not.
Jul 6th 2022
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