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Rewatched this a while ago with the nephew (11) of my girlfriend, The Lost Boys is a small classic, both a highly entertaining vampire flick and a good family film. The film starts when the a divorced mom and her two son move into the home of their grandfather in Santa Carla, where they slowly fall under the control of a local vampire tribe. Now Santa Carla gives the impression of being an old hippy town, turned alternative hotspot, with a large youth population, constant parties, lots of 80's popculture, which ends up given the film a lot of genuine sex-appeal, with the biker-vampires themselves being a good example. Besides the atmosphere, the film is carried by the actors, most notably the child-actors do a good job, which is always important in family flicks, for children the blood and gore is fairly light and the fright factor no too high. One disapointment, the theme of the film was clearly build around The Doors, seeing how their music got covered and the big poster of Morisson in the vampire lair. But alas, no music of The Doors in heared. Perhaps too expensive.
Jul 6th 2022
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