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Talentless, hideous jew Adam Sandler finally gets tired of making shitty comedies, and begins making shitty non-comedies. Anyone who has read my reviews is used to seeing me say "I made it to..." because I bail out of most movies and TV shows. I just can't stand watching garbage. I made it to 1:10 in this movie, which surprises me. I titled this "Not for autists" not as an insult but as a fact. Whether you identify as being on the spectrum or not, if you are -- like me -- the kind of person who appreciates tranquility and hates prolonged yelling, arguing, violence, and general interpersonal conflict, you will hate this movie. You will feel like you have had a drill sergeant screaming in your face for hours. It's literally an oppressive feeling. This movie is literally two hours of non-Whites being aggressive with each other. Imagine a cramped jewelry store with a bunch of blacks yelling at the profoundly annoying jew owner, and the occasional scene of said psychopathic jew cursing at his phone in public with zero concern who hears. That's this movie. There is no meaningful plot whatsoever. Just angry, psychopathic non-Whites yelling constantly. Garbage.
Jul 3rd 2022
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