Diversity at the Multiplex Matters

‘Nope,’ a movie audiences need to say ‘Yup’ to.

The big news at the box office last weekend was that Elvis surprised wags by beating Top Gun: Maverick for the top spot on the charts. The first weekend gross was healthy at $31 million, but the composition of the audience was even more intriguing: nearly half of those who went to see Elvis were over the age of 45, a demo that has been largely absent from the movies since the start of the pandemic.

Also heartening: the R-rated horror picture The Black Phone nabbing $23.6 million during its opening frame. With its good-for-horror CinemaScore of B-plus, there’s a chance The Black Phone avoids the box office fate of most horror pictures and has a decent hold in its second weekend. And that’s good, because movie theaters really need...

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Jul 1st 2022
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