Tim Allen Breaks Silence on Failed 'Lightyear' Movie: 'I Stayed Out of This...'

Tim Allen has spoken out about the failed Disney movie Lightyear. Allen was the man who originally brought the character to life in the Toy Story franchise, and there was confusion about why he would be replaced with progressive activist actor Chris Evans. Allen has stayed out of it, until an interview with Extra.

Allen stayed out of the controversy until after the movie was released because he had spoken with Pixar executive years ago about exploring Buzz's origins. “It came up in one of the sessions. I said what a fun movie that would be.”

The problem is that no one involved in the Toy Story franchise was involved with this movie, so there was no connection to the original character, much like what Disney is doing with Star Wars and Marvel; they're picking characters at random and...

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Jul 1st 2022
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