6 Classic Heavy Metal Guitar Solos for the Ages

Lifestyle A lead guitar solo after the second verse was de rigueur in heavy metal from the inception of the genre, but sometime around the millennial turn this artistic institution underwent reevaluation by hard rock’s best and brightest.On Disturbed’s 2000 breakthrough album The Sickness, no guitar solo is heard. Due to the creative talent on display, they are not missed. Thereafter, the 12-to16 bar guitar solo was often omitted altogether by new-metal groups like Tool.But the guitar solo did not entirely vanish. One need only spin “Seed of Filth” by Six Feet Under or Machine Head’s “Unto the Locust” to hear classic solos from new generation metal bands.Here are six solos from the classic metal era which codify greatness, and achieve what protagonist...

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Nov 12th 2014
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