REVIEW: Elvis (2022)

Elvis, Warner Bros.’s newest attempt to capitalize on popular singer biopics like Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman, exploded into theaters this last weekend, raking in a fair amount at the box office and decent praise. This film brings the eccentric King to life in a visually compelling way and reveals the struggles this Rock N’ Roll god endured for his stardom. The allure of fame and the adulation of millions can corrupt even the purest of hearts with the noblest intentions. This, coupled with the maniacal manipulations of a corrupt manager, led Elvis down a dark path, eventually resulting in his death.

Elvis may not be for everyone out there, as it comes across as a very niche film. However, there is enough about it to like to compel anyone to at least give it a chance. This film beautifully...

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Jun 28th 2022
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