Ten levels below crap
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OMFG this movie. I made it just over halfway through, but I have no idea how. There's no plot to speak of. If the movie has a point, it seems to be saying that men are weird, crazy, violent, evil, sex-obsessed demons. It's one of those movies that has one scene after another with weird imagery and sounds that make zero sense. Oh, I know there's always some jerk-off on Reddit who would claim, for example, that the bit about the tunnel is some esoteric metaphor that you're just not smart enough to understand. I bailed on the movie when they made a whole scene about a disgusting, decaying deer carcass, complete with maggots crawling over it. That must've been another metaphor I'm too stupid to understand. And, of course, they made the main character's husband black.
Jun 28th 2022
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