What Are the Origins of Daffy Duck?

Lifestyle The Origins of Daffy Duck by MojoSupreme"Porky's Duck Hunt" featured the first appearance of Daffy Duck and the first time Porky Pig was voiced by Mel Blanc.Porky's Duck Hunt (1937) by voiceman91Who would you like to see added to the collection next? See the previous PJ Lifestyle Cartoon at Noon selections from this year:Disney in SpringAll 75 of the Silly Symphonies, the Gold Standard of the Era:Walt Disney’s First Silly Symphony: ‘The Skeleton Dance’PETA Would Hate This 1929 Disney Cartoon…Nature Animated to LifeA Disney Cartoon Set In Hell!Getting Drunk With Disney’s Merry DwarfsSummer: The Sixth Silly Symphony, A Sequel to SpringCorn on the Cob as Musical InstrumentA Cannibal-Version of Carmen With Clicking Human Skulls…...

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Dec 12th 2014
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