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This is one of the better superhero movies. It is a competent movie that you can show to anybody and isn't just some dumb flick. Its actually well shot, and while Gotham is mostly shown at night, the movie is still colourful and its always clear what is happening. My doubts about Pattinson were proven wrong, and I think he fits for the role Batman. Batman has an interesting character arc, and his reasons for choosing not to kill seem justified. The length is not unbearable, but I wish it was slightly shorter. However, what made the movie worse for me was the subtle anti white message. I'm not just talking about Catwoman and Gordon being played by black actors, and Catwoman's infamous "privileged white men" line. Gordon is the only black police officer, and he is the only one that isn't corrupt. The politician that the movie paints in a good light is a black woman, and while her political views are never detailed, its obvious she is meant to be a progressive. In the beginning of the movie, a group of white criminals with painted faces try to make a black criminal beat up an asian man against his will. And the black guy even has part of his face paint washed to make sure you see he is black. At least this movie finally made the people who think Bruce should donate his money to poor people in order to truly help the city shut up, since his father tried exactly that and it made the situation worse. Despite this, I still think the movie is worth watching, just don't support it.
Jun 24th 2022
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