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Oh man, this was boring, just really boring, Cronenberg has the benefit on usually having interesting techno-organic visuals, but this film is just a snoozefest. Now perhaps if someone is actually disgusted by the operations, I guess they would rate it higher, but I certainly dont. I turned off to the film halfway and just skipped ahead. We are somewhere in the future, where everything is broken down, technology is either from the 80's or made from factory farmed Xenomorphs, there are far too many roles for woman, one of the actors is some kind of African from the jungle, I think he got off the refugee boat just last year. Yada yada, the story doesnt pull you in, none of the characters are interesting, we need more nudity in this film and just straight out gore, but we just get Vigo looking like a geriatric assassin and some women, one got nude and had great tits. meh just dont.
Jun 23rd 2022
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