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A show from my childhood, which after returning too it left me with mixed feelings. The Simpsons was never meant as a childrens show, but as a piece of social satire for adults, so I will judge it accordingly. The show, even the earlier seasons, simply are no longer enjoyable anymore. The simplistic characters, together with the outdated social commentary end up making the show mostly irrelevant. An occasional episode can be a lot of fun, but like any social satire, the show is a lot of fun, until Burns nuclear powerplant, Moe's tavern, feminist Lisa, Itchy and Scratchy and dumb Homer just end up being symbols in the worldview of a late 20th century progressive. My opinion? You are better of watching a sitcom or comedy from the period, these usually have less of a message and deeper more thought out characters.
Jun 23rd 2022
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