Patricia Arquette Attacks Gina Carano Over Link She Never Bothered Reading, But Carano Refuses to Back Down

It helps to read articles before you attack the people who shared them. That's internet 101, a class that Patricia Arquette never took. The actress attacked Gina Carano over a tweet publicizing Carano's new movie, and Carano made Patty look stupid over it.

Three quick things you should know:

Gina Carano got fired (canceled) from Disney's The Mandalorian when random people on Twitter grew angry Carano shared right-leaning political opinions.The Daily Wire uncanceled Carano and signed her to a movie deal.Arquette is best known for being the sister of former WCW champion David Arquette.Carano's first movie with DW, Terror on the Prairie, was released this week. The actress did a lot of press to promote the movie, as celebrities are known to do. One outlet was with Fox News, where Carano...

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Jun 18th 2022
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