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Before I started to review this great film, I was planning to give it only four stars, but after thinking about the film and trying to describe it, I ended up spending a lot of time ruminating on it, so I had too not only wait a while before writing a review about this "documentary", but also get in the right mood. The claim that is being made about this film, is that its a documentary, supossedly about the famous art forger Elmyr de Hory, but anyone watching it will quickly realise that its closer to an experimental film, about the concept of real versus the fake. The short focus, sudden shifts and changes in subject matter, are able to pull viewers into its flow. The film quickly shifts between short snippets, we de Hory's being interviewed, we see him creating art, we see interviews with other people, Orson Welles appears frequently, as an actor, as himself, as the narrator, his ego is almost as big as his girth, so we learn more about Welles as a person. Throughout this "documentary", the personal is transposed next to Welles' musing on the nature of the real, or the fake. The film ends with a short story, completely believable, but completely false and you end the film asking yourself what is real, what is the nature of the postimpresionists being faked, does it matter, like the builders of an old cathedral dont matter, is the goal of art to be, are artist unique individuals or is there a spirit at work that touches more then one person? To the thinking individual on the right, its a must watch because it shows how fluid the concept of expert it, when one man can fool so many people, are these then experts, or is modern art just easy to copy?
Jun 16th 2022
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