‘Lightyear’ – To Mediocrity … and Beyond!

Pixar isn’t a run-of-the-mill animation studio.

The Disney-owned company’s work is routinely sublime, if not sensational. And it’s more than Pixar’s jaw-dropping animation that sets it apart. The studio delivers fully-realized tales that entrance young and old with equal fervor.

And then there’s “Lightyear.”

The film, an attempt to extend the “Toy Story” franchise, is Pixar in visuals only. The story is shockingly weak, the “wacky” characters won’t be remembered for long. Only a digitized cat makes an impression, and it’s still one of the lesser sidekick figures from Pixar lore.

Tim Allen, overlooked in favor of a younger, more progressive Buzz Lightyear voice, dodged a bullet.

Chris Evans is now the voice of Buzz Lightyear, the toy that co-anchored four...

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Jun 16th 2022
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