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An old show from my youth that still gives me fond memories, from watching it as a child. The Legendary Journeys is a mostly wholesome, funny and warm-hearted slapstick show that plays around is a loose and ahistoric version of ancient Greece. Hercules played by strongman Kevin Sorbo, looks and acts like a big family dog, defeating his enemies in hilarious choreographed slapstick fights, the silly antics of his friends and the over the top behaviour of the Gods adds a zany punch to the entire story. The story arent always of the highest quality, there are a lot of Maori extra's in this New Zealand show, there is some pozz, but the beautiful scenery, and unique look of the show does improve it. Perhaps the show deserves more of a 3 then a 4, but this is meant for children. So I gave it a 4.
Jun 16th 2022
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