The Future of Religion: Why Judeo-Christian Values Are More Important Than Science

Lifestyle See the opening of today's series here: "What Is the Future of Religion?" by Frank J. FlemingScience is a good thing. It’s given us things like vaccines, cars and incubators.I live in Southern California and was born a premie, with Apgar tests so low that the doctors advised my parents to institutionalize me. That means all of these innovations are near and dear to my heart. I have a more than healthy respect for science.The thing is, though, science isn’t enough to keep a society going, at least not one we’d want to live in. What’s gotten humanity to this point is religion, specifically, the Judeo-Christian religion and its moral precepts that allow the freedom of Western civilization.Three aspects of Judeo-Christian philosophy have helped define the...

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Mar 5th 2015
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