Counter-Culture Wars, Part 1: Why the Fellow Travelers Hijacked Folk Music

Lifestyle “This machine kills fascists.” ― Woody GuthrieSince the end of the Cold War, many a suspicion has been confirmed of how devious Communist operatives worked their way into our national institutions. After the fall of the USSR, for a brief time, Russian authorities were fairly forthcoming in their release of documents and secrets: Academia, Hollywood, the State Department, Alger Hiss, the Rosenbergs. Among these (not generally known to most) was Sean Penn’s Blacklisted father, a Hollywood writer, which explains a great deal about his angry Liberal act, doesn’t it? Truly, the acorn fell very close to the tree indeed.Consider Folk music.Folk renders down to two distinct themes – “a song all about the plight of the common man,” and,...

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Mar 16th 2015
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