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The second series in the Black Adder saga is in many ways an improvement on the first, Rowan Atkinson is far more intelligent and witty in the second series, with constant degrading and sarcastic remarks, he makes the story far more intelligent and adds a certain amount of drama, you dont always want him to fail and your root for him against the idiots that surround him. The second star of this series is Miranda Richardson as queen Elisabeth, she almost eclipses Atkinson, where he is witty, she is a cruel, ditzy, horny little child, who's sudden mood swings terrify everyone around her. Together with the many eccentric quest stars, the series keeps rolling. The sets have gotten a lot smaller and the majority of the action plays around Black Adders home and the court of the queen, with a smaller cast of characters. One side point is the gay agenda, even though the series ultimately portrays homosexuality and abhorrent sexual practises as a joke, it is notible that almost every episode has a clear gay theme, or references homosexuality. With the eye of the present time, thats clearly a pro-gay agenda.
Jun 12th 2022
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