BIG NATE is Falls Short on Kid-Friendly Morals

BIG NATE is a 2022 slice of life 3D animated comedy that premiered on Nickelodeon and Paramount+. It follows Nate Wright (Ben Giroux), an outspoken sixth-grader with big dreams. Nate aspires to be the โ€œmost awesomeโ€ kid at school, but his rebellious nature gets in the way. Along with his dysfunctional yet loyal friends, Nate navigates his chaotic suburban life. BIG NATE is a TV-Y7 adaptation of the Lincoln Peirce comic strip of the same name.

BIG NATE fails to stand out in the pantheon of Nickelodeon school comedies.ย  The mixture of CGI, cardboard, and notebook animation is commendable. Yet, the uneven comedy relies too heavily on โ€œcynicalโ€ humor. The characters are either too flat or too unlikeable for their own good. BIG NATE is competently produced, but is devoid of quality...

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Jun 7th 2022
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