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A few key take aways. The positives are: (1) there are no overt homosexuals in this film; (2) the hero is a competent White man and his chosen White successor; (3) killing things and action sequences are a throw back to a bygone era in an industry that is overwhelmingly effeminized. The negatives are: (1) every senior White leader except "Ice Man" is bad / every good senior leader is a black man; (2) the Naval Aviators are hilariously multi-racial, with a Hispanic female as the "best" on the team; (3) the war machine is clearly getting the US ready for a very big war - evidenced in the film and the previews. In one key scene, one older White male is advising another older White male it is time to "give it up" - an obvious reference to White replacement.

If you liked the first film, there is a lot of nostalgia and pro-American, CivNat chest pumping to enjoy. It is a fun escape - but can wait for the home release.

Jun 4th 2022
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