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Though I like everything surreal, I am usually sceptical of fantasy, usually it ends up childish and meaningless, but when its well done I am more then willing to give it a thumb up. This show and its spin-off about Greek myths is most likely one of the best adaption of old European fairytales, outside a number of obscure European films. Its a short series of legends, fables, fairy tales, depicted with the help of realistic looking puppets from Jim Hensons studio, all of them introduced by the storyteller. Now this doesnt take away from the quality of the show, what we get are dark, grim stories, with the social conventions and the reality of the past kept alive. To give two examples, a princess in rags doesnt get discovered because nobles do not talk or make eye contact with lower borns, a princess has to marry a hedgehog, because to to break a promis or oath of that kind would offend God. Now, having said all this, is this show suited for really young children? No, its to scary and morbid and the puppets are to realistic, I think older children and their parents would get the most out of it.
Jun 4th 2022
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