Feel Better About Yourself Reading About People Who Thought 'The Martian' was Based on a True Story

PJ Media This is how Obama happens twice.It's said to be the closest any Hollywood space movie has come to being scientifically accurate.But it appears that The Martian, starring Matt Damon, is being taken a little too seriously by some, with scores of people believing the sci-fi flick was based on a true story.Tweets from people who watched the Ridley Scott film, which came out on Friday, reveal that a surprisingly large number of people are unaware that humankind has never set foot on Mars.If you've had a bad day, enjoy reading the tweets in the article. Try not to be disturbed by the fact that so many people believe that NASA didn't actually land on the moon but did somehow make it to Mars.Then weep for humanity.6 Movies on Our Love-Hate Affair with Mars class="pages"> ...

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Oct 7th 2015
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