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Anti-God Themes

Never get sick of this film. One of those films with a very high replay value. Lots of foreshadowing and interconnectedness throughout the script. For example, I just noticed the subtext in the dinner scene when they are both simultaneously saying: "Nothing!" "Everything!" If you're recently redpilled the dumb blondes portrayed as the cliché villains might rub you the wrong way. It's the same trope we see over and over again with films like "Karate Kid" or "Heathers." But for some reason it didn't bother me in this film. Maybe because I'm desensitized to it or because I have an affinity for "I ♥ Huckabees" already. The same goes for how they portray average Joe Christians. Not something I'm particularly sensitive about and it didn't seem like the main point of the script, just how the writer views them. The central focus is the existential crisis of the main character and addressing his petty inferiority complex/control issues. Seems like a fair satire all around. Also, I'm no Philosophy expert so I won't comment too strongly on the Gentile French Nihilist v.s. Jewish Existentialist dichotomy. At first it seemed reversed from reality but the more I thought about it the more I was unsure. I think there is a mixed bag of both demographics in opposing schools of thought. But if any readers have some insight, comment below. Overall, 10/10. Laughed out loud several times even on the umpteenth time seeing it.
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Jun 2nd 2022
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