Delightful anti-american roadmovie
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Delightful German film, Actor Rüdiger Vogler plays a writers who has been send to the United States to write an article, but instaid of finishing his assignment he spends his days driving an car through the states, taking pictures, slowly getting fed up by the cheap music, tv commercials and monotonous American wasteland, until he meets actress Lisa Kreuzer and her daughter played by Yella Rottländer. The remainder of the film is an European road move, with a delightful quest that takes the Vogler and the 9 year old Rottländer, though such atmospheric cities as Amsterdam, Wuppertal and the Ruhr area. Notably the suspended railsystem in Wuppertal is a beautiful and scenic sight and the music by Can is equally delightful. The story itself has several sides, first we get the experience of coming home, of leaving behind the American continent and returning back to civilization, the bonding between a grown man and a younger girl, where the first becomes a father figure, the search for family members of the girl, all this is the search for meaning. In the end we get the impression that Vogler needs to become a dad and dedicate himself to serious culture if he wants to be happy and find meaning.
Jun 1st 2022
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