'New York Times' Promotes Fantasy Tours to Communist Cuba

Ron Radoshtravel In 2015, more Americans traveled to Cuba than at any time since the Cuban Revolution took place in 1959. The Wall Street Journal reports that since President Obama began his opening to Cuba in December of 2014, travel was up by 50% and is predicted to triple in 2016. Tour companies are now reporting that many hotels are booked up through next December.Reported USA Today:The U.S Tour Operators Association named Cuba its top emerging and off-the-beaten path destination followed by Myanmar, Iceland and Colombia. Ethiopia and Japan tied for fifth.It used to be hard to go to Cuba, but not anymore. Travel and Leisure has informed its readers that as of January 1:Travel to Cuba just got a little easier, thanks to a new set of regulations that take effect today and...

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Jan 11th 2016
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