A Love Song, 2022 - ★★½

A LOVE SONG (Max Walker-Silverman, USA, 2021) 5

A great movie theoretically exists with this cast (primarily Dale Dickey and Wes Studi) and premise (old widows who haven’t seen one another for decades meet in the wilderness to rekindle memories). Unfortunately, A LOVE SONG gets held back by contrivances and directorisms that fit poorly into this premise. It’s obviously a blessing to see as leads the wizened and expressive faces of Dickey and Studi, known for such landscape films as Winter’s Bone and Dances With Wolves, respectively. When it consists of the two of them conversing, singing a duet, scooping ice cream cones (the knife is a great touch), or the dog lapping up stray crawfish, it’s a magical minor-key slice of life on grief and loneliness. However, director Max Walker-Silverman...

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May 31st 2022
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