Watcher, 2022 - ★★

WATCHER (Chloe Okuno, UAE/Romania, 4)

Can you make a movie about nothing happening? Some avant-garde and super-obscure art-house directors almost have, but in narrative cinema, no — which in some way sinks WATCHER. It’s about Julia (Maika Monroe), a wife following her husband to his job in Romania, where he speaks the language and she doesn’t. Walking around during the day in Bucharest, she becomes convinced she’s being stalked by a man across the street, and there IS a serial killer on the loose. But there’s a perfectly innocent explanation for everything, male authorities and her husband say. And in some ways, Julia clearly is a stalker/watcher herself. Some of these sequences are tense (though the score is audience-goosing thriller cliche), but WATCHER's thin script has nothing...

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May 31st 2022
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