Cha Cha Real Smooth, 2022 - ★★★

CHA CHA REAL SMOOTH (Cooper Raif, USA, 2022) 6

Recent college graduate Andrew has a McJob and lives with his bipolar mother, his precocious little brother, and Wicked Stepfather. He lands a side hustle as a party organizer (recent grads can do this), and thereby comes to know middle-aged woman Domino (Dakota Johnson) and her teenage autistic daughter Lola (Vanessa Burghardt). CHA CHA REAL SMOOTH is plainly a coming-of-age story, with an elder woman as a sorta-romantic sorta-interest (it’s no LICORICE PIZZA, but still…). Director Cooper Raif plays his own protagonist as a less cutting Chris Eigeman, even offering his sympathy: “sometimes, I think I’m autistic … no.” This kind of meandering movie is, to steal a phrase Scott used to describe 892, “Sundance comfort food.” CHA...

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May 31st 2022
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