'Suicide Squad's' Stealth Feminism Trumps Lady 'Ghostbusters'

LifestyleHollywood The summer's most powerful female performance arrives with nary a lecture or guilt trip.Yes, while social justice warriors spent months insisting we all fall madly in love with the "lady" Ghostbusters, the real deal is finally here.Meet Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn. She's saucy, sexy and out of control. And she's the main attraction in the ensemble film "Suicide Squad." var dataLayer = window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; dataLayer.push({ 'videoName': 'Suicide Squad Official Comic-Con Remix Trailer (2016) - Margot Robbie Movie', 'videoType': 'Curated' }); The new film gathers a rogue's gallery of super villains and let's them try being heroes for a change. It's based on the DC Comics title, and it's the newest film in that brand's attempt to catch up with Marvel's...

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Aug 4th 2016
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