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First film on here that I watched based on other peoples recomendations, I must have seen this film in the past because the "peeing on desks" part I remembered. I choose this film because of the amount of diversity, which was fairly low and though we see a number of non-whites the main cast seems to be White. The film starts in the middle of where a normal heist film would start, with the robbery itself, the story revolves around the bankrobbers trying to get out of New York and finding misfortune after misfortune. This could be boring, but because we get Bill Murray and his many off-beat quips, jokes and remarks, the film holds up for most of the ride, also decent is the flow of the story and the tension between Murray and Geena Davis. Less enjoyable where the over the top man baby sidekick, but thats a minor point.
May 29th 2022
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