A rare gem in our time
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The Northman is as close to a WN movie as we could hope for in today's age. It's about family and ancestor loyalty, bravery, destiny, piety, revenge, and lineage, and it doesn't have a single non-European character or actor/actress in it or transgenderism or feminism. In fact, from what I can tell, it venerates the traditional roles of women as mothers, wives and homemakers and men as providers and protectors of the family. It isnโ€™t just a good movie for these reasons but a good movie by any other standard too. The acting is intense and enthralling throughout and the imagery is stunningly gorgeous. There is a lot more that can be said about the movie from a cinematic perspective but I will leave that to the film critics.
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Unfortunately, it has made just over a quarter of the 200 million dollars it cost to produce and this is a failure on our side as right-wing consumers. We often complain that there is nothing in mainstream media for us anymore and that our history is being stolen by Africans and Asians, but when a perfectly good offering is made we fail to get excited about it or show an appreciation for the gesture. This movie will never see release in half the world. It wonโ€™t be seen in China, the largest cinema market in the world and it likely wonโ€™t be seen in most of Asia, either because it is banned by state censors or because an ancient European legend told in a very gritty and dark manner is not appealing to them.
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This movie relies almost entirely on an Occidental audience for its revenue, and they knew that before they even began production. โ€œGo woke, go brokeโ€ is a phrase that we on the right often like to use for movies that were too left-wing and failed to find a sufficiently large audience, but, as evidenced by the financial failure of The Northman it is just as likely for film producers to go based, go bust. It is probably difficult enough to get a movie like this funded at all in our current political climate, it wonโ€™t happen again if they canโ€™t even make up more than a quarter of the budget, let alone a profit.
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I highly recommend all white people to watch this movie, and I think we are obliged to support a film like this by watching it in theatres. If we allow movies like this to go bust then we cannot solely blame Hollywood and the elites for not catering to us, but we must blame ourselves for not incentivizing them to cater to us.

May 27th 2022
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