Insane counter-culture allegory
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A bizar, spectaculair, over-the-top and slightly bad allegory of a load of different social and cultural topics that where brewing in the West for decades. Zardoz is a very unique film which wont be as enjoyable if you arent looking for message behind the story, though the strong 60's counter-culture influence of the film atleast gives it character. The basic story is that of actor Sean Connory playing a barbarians warlord in a post-apocalyptic society, every so often a giant head comes from the sky, regurgitates guns and ammo's and commands the warrior to go a kill people (brutals), eventually Connory climbs into the head and gets transported back to a colony of perfect, utopian but dreary human beings. The rest of the story is better watched, but what we get is essentially a four-way conflict between the Nietzschean barbarians, the decadent and pansy imhabitants of the Vortex, the older generation of scientists who created the colony and in the background the concept of art, culture, civilization. Which in my opinion ends up being a story of a new stronger human race, full of passion, displacing the older, decadent overcivilized humans. The films atmosphere can go from the misty and forbidding intro, pounded by a choir singing Beethoven's 7th too the clean, green and rural colony with its mixture of British farm buildings, crisp technology and inoffensive nudity.
May 26th 2022
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