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Where to start with this film, I accidentily discovered this gem while browsing the internet archive, at first skipping a bit I thought I was going to see a crime film, boy was I mistaken! What I got was the most delightful romance story I have seen in ages. One that left behind many strong and catharic emotions. The story starts as actor Robert Burke is released from prison and returns back to his native neighbourhood, here he gets a job as a car mechanic, while actress Adrienne Shelley becomes infatuated with him. What makes this romance story stand out are the two lovers, neither of them is quite normal, Burke essentially plays a schizoid loner, dry, stern but with a lot of inner strenght, while Shelley is essentially a deep manic-depressive artsy girl, both of them outsiders lost in the world. When both characters meet you get a wonderful sensitive and at times shy romance story, neither characters know quite how to express their emotions for each other, which unfolds most of the story. I know there was a second film made shortly after this one which had the same basic vibe, but this one is far more grounded and believable. Really a must watch.
May 26th 2022
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