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Powerful film, from the Dadaist comedy troop Monty Python, a genuine attempt to take the piss out of a large number of dangerous and protected groups in Western society. The strategy the makers used is deceptively simple, they basically hid an anti-zionist, anti-socialist and anti-woke film, inside a Bible satire and then added a bunch of satire directed at upper-class twits and British boarding schools. The basic story is that of Brain a bumbling youth, who gets mistaken for the Messiah, Jesus btw is also in the film, after getting some hairy Welsh beauty, he joins a a commie radical group, gets captured by the Romans and the crucified. What ties these all together are the many clever, extremely quotable and outright silly sketched. Hopefully we will eventually see the complete film someday, fully restored, with many of the politically incorrect parts returned to their full glory.
May 25th 2022
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