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How long will this slander of the Cardassian people continue? In the show my people are being depicted as blood thirsty criminals who executed millions of innocent Bajorans, this is a gross lie and exaggeration!

In truth the amount of Bajorans killed during the "occupation" was greatly overestimated, being established at 10 million and later at 15 million! Across a population of 3.8 billion in a period covering 50+ years! Now as people online have already shown, that number is actually far less then the annual amount of car deaths in most former Terran nations!

Now in fact, direct actions was taken against Bajorans, but mostly during the first liberation and finally when we had to regretably leave, but the death toll of direct combat is about 84 thousand and certainly not 10 or even 15 million!

Most of these numbers where pulled from thin air, because what the government of Bajor did was not just take the deaths from combat or the death penalty, but also those under work-related hazards, or vehicle accidents, flue epidemics (which is mostly the fault of superstitious Bajorans), a short crop failure (tragic, but we don't control the sun) and even long-term cancer deaths due to the inhalation of smog!

When you study the numbers and open your mind you will understand that the Cardassian people have always been reasonable, improving the local economy, abolishing the caste system, education the local and ending most shortages of food, water, power and clothing. Even now Bajors economy is about 1/3 of what it was under Cardassian "occupation", even with so-called, pop-up, etc. so called "Federation Assistence"

So lets just forget about this piece of Federation propaganda and listen to the experts!

May 25th 2022
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