A fun movie that's the best you could hope for in the current year
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Affirmative Action
The online hype was strong for this one, and I'd say it delivered! At least as much as any film after 2016 can. It's a fun movie mainly for kids, but with a decent story and enough humor from Jim Carrey to entertain adults. The first Sonic movie is good for context, but not mandatory. I myself am only knowledgeable about Sonic from the old 2D games which I enjoyed in the 90s. Yes, the affirmative action is heavy in this movie with a portion focusing solely on black supporting characters. Yes, Idris Elba voices Knuckles. These facts do not make significantly lower the quality. What's more impressive is what the movie doesn't have. Nothing anti-God, anti-white, pro-communism or pro-gay at all. Even better - nothing political whatsoever. It's a refreshing break from the 2022 norm. Truly a movie that you can calmly watch or show to kids with confidence. I highly recommend it.
May 25th 2022
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