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Most so called "redpilled" films are nothing of the sort, usually when you see lists of so called redpilled films, they are either slightly political or just good action/revenge films, but that doesnt really open up your mind to a new way of looking at the world, this film does. Network shows the dark domineering side of network television, the push towards more viewers, more extreme content and more money, which eventually leads towards union of big business media, with a radical communist group, all for profit. Two more underlying themes are the cultish side of religion, TV as a new medium for (religious, ideological) fundamentalism and the alienation it creates in society. The characters are great and are supossed to depict the typical grinding, boozing, media-men of the 70's, slowly working themselves to a burn-out, or suicide... One critism, Faye Dunaway seems ill suited for a role that should really be played by a bonier, darker, more Jewish actres. There are several notable good scenes in this move, but the one that stays in everyone's mind, is the authoritarian Ned Beatty, shouting and pouding his Neoliberalism cult religion into the confused schophrenic mind of actor Peter Finch. A must watch if you want to get an idea what kind of world we life in.
May 24th 2022
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