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Perhaps the score of 5 is too hight, not every tv-movie was good and the episodes eventually get formulaic, but what makes Columbo is and has always been Peter Falk, he is a great actor and the part he plays suits him perfectly, too such a degree that Columbo has become his defining part. Columbo is a slightly comedic detective series, slightly comedic because even though columbo appears shoddy, confused and has an old beat up car and equally old and beat up dog, this is mostly an act, because Columbo is more like a Socrates, slowly working away at his opponent with his many questions, most of them never realising they are dealing with a genius until its too late. One of the more iconic crime and detective shows, this is a classic and must watch tv series, kids will like Peter Falk, the adults will wonder how he will tie together all the clues and again, like a lot of these older detective shows the scenery is usually pleasant and a lot of the scenes play around the wealthy homes of the rich.
May 24th 2022
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