Review of season 1
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Where should I start? I watched the first season of this series well over 2 years ago, at the advice of a good friend and from the very beginning I was hooked. The show starts with a moody country song and from start to finish you get pulled into a dark gothic detective story, about ritual murder, the meaning of religion, nihilism, drug gangs, romantic relationships all playing itself in the sweatier and more proletarian area's of America's heartland. What makes the first season are both main actors Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, the first actors plays a high IQ introvert, with addiction problems, a dark past and a sentiment for philosophical nihilism, while the latter plays the straight guy, hard working, sentimental but not without his flaws. Both these actors where great and played well against each other. One thing to point out, I think some viewers might get confused and see anti-religious themes in, but the core of religion is doubt and the struggle with God, something McConaugheyย  accurately portrays, he has afteral a cross hanging in his room.
May 24th 2022
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